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Welcome to our inspiration page. Here, we let our colleagues speak, share our expertise, interesting references, interviews and more!

Jeroen achter zijn bureau

What is working capital and how do you manage it optimally?


Working capital is a demanding concent. And that is its right, because when you lose sight of your working capital it may result in financial distress.

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Why LeasePlan chose CREDIRE


LeasePlan chose to outsource its debt management to CREDIRE by iCredit. AR and Collection manager David Hennion explaines why.

Sarah aan haar bureau

Project highlight: Customerservice with an energy supplier


As a result of the energy shortage at the end of 2022, the prices rose significantly. An energy supplier was forced to increase its interim invoices for its customers.

Geld haak

iCredit launches whitepaper


In her free whitepaper, iCredit discusses how the Cash Conversion Cycle optimizes your organization. Move on with some practical tips.

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Consumer debts


The new legislation for consumer debts and its collection will probably come into force this year.

Finance consultants

Freelancer in Finance


Do you want to focus on your core competencies as a freelancer? iCredit matches you with the right jobs, making sure your next challenge is waiting ahead.

Lachend persoon

Prevention is better than healing! How does KYC help?


Within Credit Management there is one rule: preventing is better than healing. The principle of “Know Your Customer” (KYC) can help you with that.

Jobstudent Magali

Your first job as finance student: the experiences of job student Magali


A lot comes your way as a senior in economical studies. Exams, comparing vacancies, interviews …

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From Customer Service to Credit Management


Communication is the main character within customer service. The same goes for credit management.

Cash Conversion Cycle

The Cash Conversion Cycle, an important measurement tool


Simply concluded: it shows how fast your purchased materials are turned to cash from customers.

iCredit notitieblok

E-mail finally legally valid!


Nothing too soon, because we have been using this communication tool for about thirty years now.

Eva en Sven

Finance traineeship


Are you going to graduate within economics or a legal direction? Still in doubt about which path you want to follow after?

AR & AP officer

Project highlight: AR & AP officer at a leasing company


Our financial consultants manage projects, like to learn and are not afraid of a new challenges.


This is how you make mental well-being your toppriority!


HR manager Eva motivates why mental well-being is so important. She provides you with tips on an effective policy and explaines how she applies them to iCredit.

Logo Mercedes-Benz Financial services

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services has already collaborated with iCredit for years


“Consultants from iCredit don´t do anything blindly, but actively think along. Exactely what we expect with Financial Services!” Kaltrina Lloncari, HR Business Partner with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

6 concrete tips: from CV to motivational letter


Your looking for a new finance job. Everything starts with the right CV and a powerful motivational letter. With these six practical tips, you will make a great first impression!

Why choose iCredit as young graduate


Did you just graduate and are you ready to launch your financial career? iCredit is happy to help! Read Simon´s story and discover what we can do for young graduates.

Yehudi en Stephanie

What does the employment deal mean to your hr-policy?


At the end of 2022, the employement deal was forced into action. We shine our light on five different measures.

Sisi Engelbosch

Freelancer in finance: the experiences of Sisi Engelbosch


Did you know that iCredit does not only place consultants on its payroll, they also hire freelancers in finance? We link them purposefully with the right projects.


The experiences of an interim-manager: Koen van de Walle speaking


Is your company facing change? Are you speaking of restructuring? A smooth transition is everything but evident. An interim-manager places the right expertise in your company to guide it through rough waters.

iCredit team op een Afterwork

From colleague to friend; true friendships rise between our consultants


Colleagues turnin into friends? Not common. But with iCredit strong connections are formed. Two duo´s testify.

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