To offer our clients top-notch assistance in their daily activities, we’ve teamed up with several software partners who can bring added value.


iCredit is the Belgian distributor of AcceptEmail, the electronic standard for the payment of bills by e-mail. AcceptEmail is the digital version of paper bank transfers, an efficient tool to send payment reminders and a great boost for marketing communication.


iCredit partnered up with Isabel several years ago to support companies in the automation of their payment processes through Isabel 6.
Isabel Corporate Synchroniser (ICS) is a tool for companies looking to automate the exchange of payment and reporting files (CODA) with Isabel 6. Isabel Corporate Synchroniser enables companies to automate a large part of their financial value chain through extensive integration between Isabel 6 and their in-house applications.


Twikey allows all parties to quickly and easily set up direct-debit payments. Twikey has teamed up with banks, ERP and CRM software suppliers to create e-mandates for your organisation. Twikey meets the strictest security standards in banking. Over 10,000 companies and consumers are already using Twikey to sign contracts and mandates.

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