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In our ever-evolving digital world, companies, governments and financial institutions are faced with countless challenges – from attracting top talents to optimising financial processes. The pressure is always rising. Costs must decrease. Processes must be made more efficient. To successfully tackle these challenges, your organisation’s working capital is crucial. iCredit is your ideal finance expert, offering support just where you need it!

Motivated professionals make the difference, anytime, anywhere. At iCredit, we can truly make a difference, not only thanks to our top-notch team, but also thanks to our extensive experience in Credit Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Treasury.

Are your teams fully operational? Are your processes working as they should? Do your employees have the necessary know-how and competencies? iCredit can advise you on how to develop the perfect organisational structure and processes, how to find the right people for your organisation and how to get the most out of your current team.


Our team of motivated professionals truly makes the difference by supporting our clients day in, day out with their operational challenges linked to Credit Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Treasury. We offer our clients a range of temporary and permanent solutions for secondment, recruitment and interim management. Our goal? To achieve the ‘perfect fit’!


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Are your systems adapted to your current organisational structure and are all your processes running smoothly and efficiently? Is your organisation ready for change?

iCredit has built up extensive experience in audit & assessment, project management and training. In the past ten years, we have successfully completed many change-management processes. Do you need an audit of your current organisational structure? Would you like to receive custom advice and upskill your team to the new approach? We’re here to help!

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Staying top-of-mind is a major challenge for many companies. Knowledge is a must and a real game changer. Keen to find out more? Have a look at our Finance ABC and our FAQs. Also keep an eye on our site for news on any relevant workshops and training courses organised in the financial sector.





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