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6 concrete tips: from CV to motivational letter

Your looking for a new finance job, discover interesting vacancies, and believe the job suits you. You are convinced but how do you convince the employer? Everything starts with the right CV and a powerful motivational letter. With these six practical tips, you will make a great first impression!

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How do you provide a nice CV?

HR employees find it important to see in one blink of an eye wether you are suited for the job or not. Invest enough time in your CV, informational as well as creatively. Make sure the document is up-to-date and consists of a clear list of capacities, diploma´s and skills. It seems to be taken for granted but these three tips help you with that:

#1 | Play your cards

Do you have the right diploma for the job? Do your experiences fit the tasks? Do you have the right skillset for the job? Differentiate yourself with your expertise and qualities, keep the requirements of the vacancy in mind. Match the keywords you use with those on the vacancy, this way you immediatly have a plus point.

#2 | Be honest

You can highlight your strengths but do not over do them. Does the vacancy ask for perfect bilagualism but do you barely speak French (or another language), then it does not make sense to say you do. The chances are pretty big that a recruiter will change the language during the interview. Who lies about their language skills will be caught red handed when that happens.

#3 | Mind the lay-out

Writing a CV is not guesswork. Strive for a structured and clear document, in which you rank your educational programs and experiences in chronological order: most recent on the top. Create interim headers, choose an easily readable font, leave enough whitespace, to ensure the reader finds its way easily. Colour is allowed but do not create a rainbow. And keep your CV to a max of two pages.

How do you write a motivational letter?

With an open vacancy, the company will receive multiple motivational letters competing with yours for attention. It is crucial to make yours stick to the reader, after going through all of them. With the below mentioned points we would like to help you on your way.

#1 | Maintain the right language

Before you start writing your motivational letter, it is important to study the company. Does it operate within international boarders? Write your letter and CV in English.

#2 | Create a link to the finance vacancy

A motivational letter is not repeat of your CV. You provide extra explaination for your experiences and skills. Did you manage the credit- and collectionprocess? Are you familiar with all the digital programs as a credit analyst? Start with the requirements from the vacancy and explain your added value to the team. Being relevant is the main keyword here!

3 | Shine a light on your motivators for the application

Do not only focus on your own profile but also explain why the specific vacancy and the company speak to you. The interesting business, authentic mission, link to your own interests … Concluded: what jumps out the picture for you? Don´t be afraid to explain a personal touch, to give your motivational letter the stand out, and make sure it ends up in the right pile of papers.

Laatstejaarsstudent op de uitkijk naar een eerste finance job? iCredit tekent geregeld present op jobbeurzen, waar we praktische workshops aanbieden. Hier delen we nog meer tips om uw cv en motivatiebrief te schrijven.

Are you a senior or graduate looking for a job in finance? iCredit frequently shows themselves on job fairs, where they provide you with practical workshops. We share even more tips to upgrade your CV and motivational lettter.


iCredit looks further than just your CV

iCredit engages to match you with the right vacancy and employer. This is done with our unique approach, which goes beyond your CV. To get to know you and figure out which job suits you best, we ask you to participate in tests to understand your personality. We also ask you to take part in an online language test to map your language skills. And if you still struggle a little, we offer trainings to sharpen your knowledge.

Do you want to appeal to iCredit and its knowledge and expertise during your search for a job? We are happy to help you in every possible way.

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