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The outsourcing service for your debt collection process - powered by iCredit


iCredit offers her outsourcing service for your debt collection processes called CREDIRE.

Collecting unpaid invoices? Our experts put emphasis on clear support, excellent quality, maintaining positive customer relationships and efficient complaint management.


Our approach

CREDIRE comes from the latin verb ´credere`, which means believe of entrust.

This alternative for collection offers you the benefit that the collection takes place in your name and for your account. This can be done full-time or part-time, aided by credit management software and/or within your own systems.

Outsourcing custom designed for your organisation

Smartly outsource your debt collection process

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To keep your organisation running, it is crucial to keep revenue flowing in. When outstanding invoices keep piling up, the financial health of your company will be in serious danger. When you choose for outsourcing, we will take care of the entire collection process from A to Z.

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Do you have your own financial software? We would like to make use of your tools. We analyse the processes, offer specific improvement points and increase efficiency, so you can receive outstanding invoices more quickly. In the absence of an online program, we will simply process your files in our systems.

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Would you like to outsource (part of) your portfolio? Would you rather put the collection process together yourself? Only need one specific action, like a call list? Whichever scenario you choose, we tailor our approach to collecting unpaid invoices to your organisation: from communication to customer segmentation.


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Manager Outsourcing

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Business Development Manager

Yehudi Van Hulsen

Business Development Manager

Sven Bruggeman

Managing Partner
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